Bagrinovsky Mikhail Mikhailovich


Mikhail Mikhailovich Bagrinovsky (born 30 September (12 October) 1885, Moscow - 13 January 1966, Moscow) was a Russian and Ukrainian conductor and composer.

1908 - graduated from the Musical and Drama School of the Moscow Philharmonic Society (composition and conducting class of A. M. Koreshchenko, conducting class of V. Kes).

1910-1925 (with breaks) - conductor of the Zimin Opera House (Moscow).

From 1913 - conductor of the Kyiv Opera.

In 1919 he was appointed chief conductor of the Kyiv Academic Opera. He took part in the staging of ballets "Asia" and "Dreams".

From 1919 he performed in Kyiv with the Lysenko State Symphony Orchestra.

On 28 July 1919, conducting Lysenko's opera "The Drowned", he opened the Kyiv Opera House "Musical Drama" together with Les Kurbas, A. Petrytskyi, and P. Honcharov.

1920-1921 - Conductor of the Kharkiv ATOB and lecturer at the Kharkiv Music Academy (Conservatory).

Later he taught at the Tbilisi and Moscow Conservatories.

Since 1934 he has been a professor at the Moscow Conservatoire.

Author of symphonic and vocal-instrumental music, textbooks on conducting.

He is the author of memoirs about the outstanding Ukrainian singer Mykhailo Donets.

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